Friendly Plastic in Denmark


Jewellery A5

Aren’t I the lucky one.  I am off

to teach Friendly Plastic in Denmark in September.  At the invitation of Scandinavia’s preeminent Friendly Plastic artist and tutor Barbara Lees, I shall have the privilege o

f getting to know some fellow enthusiasts and Friendly Plastic folk from beyond these shores.

Barbara has organised two days of classes on the 14th and 15th September, and I shall have some play time before that as Barbara, myself and a lady called Karen Schmidt (Scandinavian readers will probably know of Karen) are going to spend time together sharing ideas and generally messing about with Friendly Plastic and mixed media for jewellery.

If you or anyone you know wants to come to the weekend, then all the information can be found on Barbara Lees blog.  I am assured that I will not have to learn Danish to teach!

Just off to book my flights :o)