Lisa Pavelka Texture Stamp Sets – Special Purchase

Sutton Slice in polymer clay using Lisa pavelka Texture Stamp

Sutton Slice in polymer clay using Lisa pavelka Texture Stamp

I have always loved Lisa Pavelka’s range of Texture mats.  Not only do they come in fabulous designs, but they are also made of easily cleaned grey rubber and are very deeply incised.  This makes them perfect for all manner of applications demanding pattern, but particularly useful for Friendly Plastic, polymer clay, silver clay, Jewel EnamelsCloud Clay and other modelling mediums.  Because they are flexible they can be wrapped around irregular 3D objects to get pattern in places no mounted or rigid stamp can go.

The image above is of a pendant I made after experimenting with some polymer clay obtained from Penny Vingoe at Clay Around, and the fantastic Polydays 3 day weekend I went to organised by Alison Gallant at Miliefiori Studio.  I am a compete beginner when it comes to polymer clay, so despite all its imperfections, I was more than pleased with my inexact and untidy efforts.  I learnt so much.


Lisa Pavelka Texture Stamp set of 2 (each 10.5 x 14cm)

Very fortunately for all of us, I have managed to acquire a small quantity of most of the Texture Stamp Sets, which I can offer via Rare Bird Ltd at the significantly reduced price of £12.95 per set of two texture mats.  This is incredibly good value, but the quantities of each design are very small, so when they are gone, they are gone and will not be repeated.  Get them while you can.