Jewellery Maker TV – Friendly Plastic and Jewel Enamels Show

I am looking forward to tomorrow, but I am also not looking forward to tomorrow.  The good thing is that I am doing another Friendly Plastic and Jewel Enamel show in the morning, and I have some new stuff on the show, including my own DVD Bend It Shape It, and something we have been waiting for for a long time in the Jewel Enamels line.  You will have to watch to find out what it is.

The not so good thing is getting up at 5am and defrosting the car, and trying not to spill tea down my front as I sip it from my insulated mug sitting in the traffic jams, or perhaps even gliding to Redditch on black ice.  Ah well, after Christmas I will not be doing the morning shows as I will be shifting to the more demo based Designer Inspiration afternoon shows.  This is an exciting move, and I look forward to being able to spend more time showing you how to do lots of exciting things.

The day has gone past so fast that I have not taken any photos of the pieces for tomorrow, but I will make sure I have some to put up afterwards.  Here’s hoping you can join me (or record me) tomorrow morning for Friendly Plastic and Jewel Enamels on Jewellery Maker TV (SKY 655, Virgin 756, Freesat 807 and Freeview 30) and online