Photos From the JMTV show – Friendly Plastic and Jewel Enamels


Thank you One and All

Thank you for all the kind comments I received about the Jewellery Maker show on Wednesday.  As promised here are my photos of the items I made for the show.20131121_142943

Friendly Plastic partially Ooozed bangle.  This is a single layer bangle brushed with Mica Powders.  For the best possible finish, use two layers back to back.  I hope to show how to do this on one of the Designer Inspiration shows on Jewellery Maker  in the New Year,20131121_143051

Layering circles and melting them together using the Melting Pot as  a griddle.  Each melted disc was then melted on to some tubular knitted ribbon (coming soon to Rare Bird ltd!)20131121_143148
This is so effective and so easy, and uses the Laser Mesh in strips to Oooze the Friendly Plastic layers through.  The resulting bracelet is very light and very easy to wear.20131121_143227

I used some Vaseline smeared Laser Mesh to create the texture on this Friendly Plastic pendant, and then applied the trimmed down pieces from a strip of Friendly Plastic that I had cut circles from.  Gleams metallic wax enhance the texture and add colour.20131121_143340

Jewel Enamels image transfer.  This asymmetrical pendant was really easy to make.  All you have to do is pour some Diamond Clear Jewel Enamels onto a smooth glass surface, place on top an image from a glossy magazine (the Sunday Supplements are very good) and rub lightly to help remove air bubbles.  Cool, peel off the glass surface, trim with scissors to the desired shape then dunk in water and rub off the paper.  This needs to be done carefully and the paper needs to be thoroughly soaked before you begin rubbing.  All that will be left behind is the image.

I then put a piece of Fusible Film behind this image of a watch because there was quite a bit that was completely transparent.  The lovely greeny gold shine is the Fusible Film.

Friendly Plastic makes a brilliant protective bezel, and Friendly Plastic Tubeads attached to the back make excellent bails


20131121_143429 copy

I particularly like the irregular and asymmetrical look, so crunchy odd shaped beads and wonky wire twisting enhance the irregular look of the piece.


This is a very similar Image Transfer technique but I have given it a cracked finish enhanced with acrylic paint.  Again, another technique for an afternoon Designer Inspiration show on Jewellery Maker.  On this pendant I have made another Friendly Plastic bezel but also used silicone rubber ring seals for the necklace itself.  This idea was inspired by my good friend Karin Schmidt whose work you can see on Barbara Lee’s website.  Karin (aka Rubber Karin) uses rubber extensively, and very cleverly.20131121_143811

My original Image Transfer pendant.  The roses came from a gardening catalogue and there is added Detailing Enamel on the top.  The edge is more Jewel Enamels, the left over Diamond Clear with a bit of Mica Powders thrown in to give colour. I backed this one with some painted watercolour paper that I had – never throw away your artistic disasters, simply cut them up and re-use them!  Some sort of backing is necessary as you can’t strengthen Diamond Clear Jewel Enamels with Craftyflex as it turns it amber.20131121_143829

More roses from an old rose catalogue, I added glitter to the Diamond Clear and the silver design on the top is some fine embossing powders that I had, and I used an embossing pen to draw the design.20131121_143902

Offcuts of beading wire were threaded though a crimp bead to make a few roughly concentric circles and then I poured some Jewel Enamels over the coils whilst they were placed on top of some coloured card.  The ends of the beading thread were dipped in Jewel Enamels too.

My accidental brooch – some odd bits of coiled wire, bashed flat with some excess Jewel Enamels poured onto them.  Jenny Cleary has the other one.

Phew!  I think that just about covers the scope of the show.  I had better get my ideas sorted out for the next one on the 10th December.  The last morning show I will be doing for a while as I am delighted to be doing the afternoon Designer Inspiration shows from January onwards as they will give me much more time to demonstrate something from beginning to end.  I have some ideas up my sleeve, but if there is something you would like to see, then please let me know either in the comments here on via Facebook.

Next Jewellery Maker Friendly Plastic and Jewel Enamels show is

10th December 

9am – 1pm