Rubber and Oooze! New Online Course in Friendly Plastic

Fantastic news!  My good friends Barbara Lees and Karin Schmidt in Denmark have put together the most detailed Friendly Plastic online course I have seen.  Taking inspiration from my Oooze technique that I showed them both last September, Karin has combined Ooozing with her penchant for rubber inner tubes and has some extremely ingenious ways of putting things together.  Between Karin and Barbara, they will show you how to construct a fabulous bracelet using these two materials.  You would never guess what the materials were unless you are in the know. Go over to Barbara’s website to check it out.


Although the pair are Danish (by nature, not necessarily entirely by birth in Barbara’s case, she was born in Canada), Barbara has written excellent detailed instructions in English explaining Karin’s innovative rivet construction technique and her very neat hook fastening.  It is easy to follow and there are lots of images and measurements so you know you are on track.  You also get to see some of the very many materials you can Oooze through.

I highly recommend this tutorial whether you choose to use rubber inner tubes like Karin, or other materials – many of the same principles apply.Even if you know about Ooozing, you won’t know about Karin’s rivets and hooks.


And if you have time whilst you are busy working on their tutorial, please do tune in to Jewellery Maker TV on Tuesday 21st from 1pm to 5pm as I will be showing you how to do some fun bangles and collars using Friendly Plastic, Mica Powders, Jewel Enamels, wire and stuff.  As this is my first Designer Inspiration, I really hope you will join me and keep me company.  I have 2 whole hours of demonstrations, not just the few snatched minutes that we normally get, so you really get to see how things are done.  Don’t forget that Jewellery Maker is on Freeview, Freesat, Virgin and Sky as well as on line.  They always have fantastic prices on stuff, and loads of tempting goodies – stones, tools, jewellery making supplies and other things too.  However, if you fail to watch it or record it, you can still get to see the show by going to Youtube a few days after the show..