Tribal Textures in Cloud Clay and Friendly Plastic

I have another Jewellery Maker show coming up on Wednesday afternoon 30th April, so please join me for some fun ideas that you can get the children involved with too. 1pm to 5pm.  Mica Powders will feature along with the Cloud Clay, and you can see a small detail of one piece below.DSC_8295

Textures in Friendly Plastic are easy to create, and I will be using some silicone moulding compound to create textured moulds for unique pieces like this bracelet link below.  So if you were wondering how to use Easymold (the moulding compound I stock at Rare Bird), or the RTV compound that Jewellery Maker stock, then tune in, or set your recorder.  Once you have tried making a mould, you will be hooked, looking everywhere around you for textures to make moulds from. From buttons, to bark, leaves, shells, kitchen implements, thick lace, seed heads and more.


For those of you who came on the Medieval Jewellery in Modern Materials class a few weeks ago, you will be familiar with using a texture mat made from Easymold, but I will show you how to take it a step further and create some fun textured links for a bold chain.

This weekend is Jewellery Maker‘s Birthday, and there is loads going on throughout the weekend, including wall to wall designers.  I will be on from 5 – 5.30 on Sunday.  No idea what I shall be doing, but I am sure I will receive my instructions soon!

See you on Wednesday!