Sneaky Peeks – JMTV show projects in Friendly Plastic

If you are one of the may people who follow my blog but are not on Facebook, you may feel that I have been very lax in reminding you of my upcoming Jewellery Maker shows, and I apologise for that.  I know it is not much warning but the next show is tomorrow afternoon 1st October from 1pm to 5pm. My excuse for not telling you sooner is that I was having too much fun on my Polydays weekend learning all sorts of wonderful things about polymer clay. When I get the pieces finished from that, I will share them with you, but if you are in the least bit in to polymer clay, I urge you to take  classess with Loretta Lam, Christine Dumont, and Alison Gallant – totally excellent from beginning to end.  What is more Debbie Bulford and 30 other ladies thought so too!

The kits I have been given to work with are rather scrummy.  One involves Fusuble Film and Friendly Plastic (plus other things too), and below is a quick snapshot of some of the elements on the lariat I have made.  It is very easy to make, easy to wear and I hope you will enjoy the demo and perhaps have a go at making your own interpretation of the idea.

Friendly Plastic Lariat project for Jewellery Maker TV

Friendly Plastic Lariat project for Jewellery Maker TV

The second kit has lots of lovely things in it, and I began working on it straight after seeing the first episode of the new Downton Abbey.  Lady Mary was wearing some beautiful jewellery, and one of her evening pieces inspired my Indian take on her very elegant beaded narrow braid type lariat. It does not contain any Friendly Plastic, but I had such pleasure getting back to my sewing machine and playing with free machining on Sari Silk ribbons.


Do keep me company tomorrow when I will show you how to make a twisted rope bezel for cabochons out of Friendly Plastic, as well as lots of other things.  If you miss it you will be able to catch it on Youtube later on that day, and I will try and get a good link to embed it into the side bar of this blog.

The next show is not until November 17th, so it gives you plenty of time to try out some of the ideas I will show you!   The reason for the long gap is that we were supposed to be going on holiday to Australia to see my sister who has lived out there for 30 years or so, but my husband has just broken his arm and elbow joint rather badly and flying is out of the question, as is being anywhere where we do not have access to the good old NHS should any of his pins and screws come loose.  Nottingham’s new tram tracks and the chicane of road works are to blame for the accident, and he is not alone in coming a cropper in exactly the same spot.  Ah well, at least his helmet protected his head, and I have most of him at home with me (except the bits that were left on the tram tracks of course!).

There are still some places available on the Festive Friendly Plastic class on the 15th November at Jewellery Maker, we will be looking at Lacework amongst other techniques and you can make jewellery or Christmas decorations with the techniques.

If you plan on going to the Ideal Homes at Christmas at Earls Court on the 22nd November, come to the demonstration theatre where I will have two demos, late morning and early afternoon, all about Friendly Plastic jewellery and Christmas decorations too (perfect if you can’t make the class at JM).