I’m Back!

Can you be very excited and rather anxious at the same time?  I suppose people who dread flying but love foreign holidays are in that boat each time they go away.  Today I am hugely happy and excited to be coming back in to the Jewellery Maker fold of active Guest Designers (as opposed to unwell and incapable GDs) with the Final Friendly Plastic Sticks show tomorrow October 1st at 1pm.  I am also a tiny bit terrified at the prospect of being in front of the cameras again.  I love teaching but cameras are another thing altogether.

However, I have had so very many wonderful confidence boosting comments on Facebook that I am feeling a whole heap better about it all.  Thank you.

I don’t want to spoil the surprises tomorrow, but here is a little preview of two bangles made from one of the wonderful kits Pip sent me.  It may be obvious, but the theme for this is an autumnal one. Rich luscious colours.

Friendly Plastic bangles

Friendly Plastic bangles

The second kit is all about the blue waters of the sea; obviously not most of the seas around our shores this year, but perhaps bringing back the memories of lovely summer holidays in warm and sunny parts of the world.  Gaily coloured fishing boats bobbing in the gentle waves of a Mediterranean hideaway, fishing nets tangled on the shore, flashes of silver darting in the crystal clear water. But you will have to wait until tomorrow to see what I have made.

I am told there are 5 amazing Friendly Plastic bundles to be had, so the bargains will be awesome!

For those of you who have been caught out by the old picture of me that JM put on Facebook, don’t be shocked when you see my rather shorter hair tomorrow.  No hiding it, it’s about 2cm long now, but at least it is coming back.  I actually miss some of the funky headgear I was wearing a few months ago, so maybe as the colder weather comes along, I will put on my fancy ghats once again, just because I love them.

I had better get back to work bench and get my step by step elements made and ready, but the sun is shining and I want to be outside.  Whatever you are doing, and wherever you are, enjoy the day.