Your Last Chance!

clearance sale

For those of you who are not on Facebook, you may not know about my

Final Clearance Sale


Rare Bird Ltd.

You have until 30th November to make the most of the bargains on the site. Up to 75% off across the site – bezels, clasps, frames, chains, bangles, rings, cufflinks, bracelets, alcohol inks, transfer foils, glue, varnish, kits, FP pellets, Cloud Clay, Mica Powders and more.

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There are many of you out there who will completely understand when I say that having cancer, or any other life threatening event, can make you re-evaluate what you want out of life.  I have decided to concentrate on the things that make me happy, and to discard the stuff that does not significantly contribute to feeling that way.

As much as I love being in touch with all  of my customers, and offering advice and inspiring creativity, I really don’t enjoy spending most of my days processing orders, doing the accounts and stock taking; to say nothing of bank reconciliation and tax returns!  What I love to do most is to share my knowledge, and enthuse others with the desire to create. To that end, I will continue to blog, and to teach, and to demonstrate on JM, but I will not be running a retail operation any longer.

Rare Bird Ltd will still exist, but not for retailing.  However, I will make sure that all the information that you need to continue to use your Friendly Plastic will still be available to you, either on the RB site, or here on my blog as I know it is a useful resource for FP enthusiasts.

Now don’t think I am forsaking thermoplastic altogether, I am not.  If all goes to plan, I will be bringing you a new product to work with that will go some way to replacing Friendly Plastic for everyone out there who loves the stuff as I do.  It is still early days yet, but hopefully in the New Year, I will be able to tell you more.

In the mean time, JM will have a few sticks of FP in a kit on the afternoon show on Monday 30th November – I hope you will like the jewellery, it includes some absolutely scrummy double sided thick tape.  “Tape” is a totally inadequate word to describe the gorgeousness of this stuff. It is both contemporary and folksy / tribal at the same time.  I will post some photos when I get some daylight to take them.  Anyway, the kit includes some lovely colours of Friendly Plastic that I won’t get to see again, so I would grab it while you can.  1 – 5pm 30th November.