FP on JMTV For The Very Last Time – Again!

I was surprised too!  But I have a kit with some sticks of Friendly Plastic and some absolutely fabulous strapping for tomorrows afternoon show on Jewellery Maker TV. The strapping is a glorious double sided affair in fabulous colours and patterns. Stiff enough to make bracelets with and cut up and embed into Friendly Plastic, but soft enough to feel very comfortable around the neck or wrist.  I am loving this stuff!

Sneaky Peaks below.


I ran out of strapping before I ran out of ideas, so tune in tomorrow at 1pm on Jewellery Maker TV on line and on the box for a fabulous kit and some demonstrating by me.


After tomorrow’s show I will post all the photos for you to see, including those from the other kit which is called Daydreams and is all about delicate ethereal jewellery with some wonderful Gems Of Distinction.



Don’t forget that you have until tomorrow night  (38 hours from now) to make your final orders on Rare Bird Ltd before the site closes to retail customers. There is a fantastic clearance sale going on at the moment, so make the most of it!

Don’t worry though, I won’t be taking down all the useful FP related information just yet, That will stay up for you to use for a while to come. My plan is to eventually migrate it all to this blog, but no doubt that will take me some time.