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Friendly Plastic Pellets – Two Ways

Despite only receiving my kits to work on just  4 days before the Designer Inspiration show on Jewellery Maker TV, I was absolutely thrilled to be able to launch Friendly Plastic Pellets on… Continue reading

Woohooo! Silver and Mother of Pearl Friendly Plastic are Back in the UK

I couldn’t quite believe my eyes when I opened the parcel today; it contained LOTS of Mother of Pearl White Friendly Plastic and almost as much Silver.  It has been sooooooo long since… Continue reading

Craft Barn Report – long overdue!

So much has been happening since the Craft Barn Extravaganza (including a holiday – a wet week in west Wales), that it has taken me until now to be able to tell you… Continue reading

Mini Books in Friendly Plastic

What is the fascination many of us have about miniature things?  I love all the tiny versions of larger items; as a child I spent many happy hours making things for my doll’s… Continue reading

Friendly Plastic Beads and Farewells

Sadly the fun has come to an end.  I took Linda and Mariah back to the station today so they could return to London.  I was sorry to see them go, we had… Continue reading

Boundless Beads and Just Jewellery

It was only a couple of weeks ago, but it feels more like months that I was teaching two classes at Coles Sewing Centre (formerly Husqvarna Studio – same people, same everything, just… Continue reading

Lizzie Doll Show In Detail

Thank you for all the emails, Twitter messages, Facebook messages, and Blog comments about the Friendly Plastic show yesterday, I am glad you enjoyed.  I was amazed at how much time I had… Continue reading

Lizzie Dolls, Pellets, Rubons and More

Even the Create and Craft schedule says the Friendly Plastic show will be on tomorrow, and to give me even more confidence that it really will happen, I have had The Phone Call.… Continue reading

Playing with Friendly Plastic Pellets Part 2

If you don’t always want metallic bling in your jewellery, then Friendly Plastic Pellets are the way to go.  You add the colour in whatever form you like – Mica Powders, Alcohol Inks, Gilding… Continue reading

Playing with Pellets

I wanted to share with you the Jewellery I made for the last Create and Craft Friendly Plastic show.  Because we sold out of Friendly Plastic Pellets before the end of the show, they… Continue reading