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Farewell To Jewel Enamels on Jewellery Maker Live Shows.

Water Wiggle penants with Jewel Enamels, and fabulous funky beads with Fusible Film and Angelina / Crystalina Fibres.


Jewel Enamels and Textiles at Hobbycraft

Goodness, I thought I had set this one up to post whilst I was away on my hols.  Sorry about that, but here it is, unadulterated, but rather belated! Will you be there?… Continue reading

On Line Magazine for Creative Folk

Have you started reading some of the wonderful on line versions of magazines that are available now?  I subscribe to some so I can avoid a paper mountain and carry them with me… Continue reading

Digitalis Fanciformus – sneeky peek.

A very big thank you to every one of you who sent me gloves for my textile project, here is a sneeky peek at what some of them have been turned into.  They are… Continue reading

PlayAway 2012

I can’t believe that I have just spent 3 whole days away indulging myself in good company and creativity at an experimental PlayAway in deepest, darkest Worcestershire. As you can see from the photo… Continue reading

Gloves For Art’s Sake

And now a little plea on behalf of a gloveless artist!  I am planning on creating a piece of artwork using gloves for the next Nolitex Exhibition at Easton Walled Gardens near Grantham… Continue reading

Seeking Va Va Voom!

It has not been the best of times recently – the magic little pills appear to work at a very slow pace indeed and I am not back to my normal self yet… Continue reading

Mask Making

Well that last post tickled a few folk, I feel as though I am in good company knowing that so many of  you have similarly untidy work spaces, and yes, I know I am… Continue reading

I Am Impressed

Due to being on holiday when the exhibition opened, I had not seen Nolitex’s  TideLine  until I went to steward at the Sam Scorer Gallery in Lincoln yesterday.  All I can say is… Continue reading


I am really excited, I have three pieces of work in the latest Nolitex exhibition and it looks all set to be a diverse and exciting collection of work that will be on display… Continue reading