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Farewell To Jewel Enamels on Jewellery Maker Live Shows.

Water Wiggle penants with Jewel Enamels, and fabulous funky beads with Fusible Film and Angelina / Crystalina Fibres.


Ice Bangle with Friendly Plastic

Ice Bangle – Article for Craftseller magazine issue 20 I know I have been wittering on about Jewel Enamels recently, that is because they have been taking up a lot of my time… Continue reading

Jewel Enamels – images

As promised, here are some pictures of the things I made for Jewellery Maker TV using Jewel Enamels.  For those of you not in the know, I am forsaking Friendly Plastic occasionally to… Continue reading

A Farewell For Sarah

The sun shone on us all on Wednesday when we gathered to say our farewells to Sarah at St Leonard’s church in Newark.  There were so many people who came from all over… Continue reading


Sarah’s funeral service will be at St Leonard’s Church, Lincoln Road, Newark at 11am on Wednesday 14th December.  David and his family really appreciate all your comments, thoughts and wishes, they are reading them… Continue reading


I have some really tragic news,  my very dear friend Sarah Lawrence who many of you will know,  had a heart attack on Friday night and desperately sadly did not survive.  She had been… Continue reading