Ferreting Around

I am keeping an eye on the wonderful Friendly Plastic Blog as Linda Peterson keeps sneaking in some really interesting bits and pieces.  She is also making video shorts about her FP escapades, and… Continue reading

Skillets, Cookers and Pans

This post is in answer to Teresa’s question (see comments on “colourations”) about where to find an electric skillet and what name do you search under.  Firstly, I am so glad you like… Continue reading


There has been so much chat on the Yahoo FP list about colouring your Friendly Plastic that I thought I might just post a few pictures of some of my past experiments.  I… Continue reading

A Coastal View

The Nolitex Exhibition “A Coastal View”is now up and looking good.  It may be small but there are some really nice pieces of work there.  Judith Burnett created this restful and calm little… Continue reading


I am not giving you much notice, but if you can make it, I would love to see you at The Spotlight Gallery in Newark, Nottinghamshire for Nolitex’s new exhibition entitled “A Coastal… Continue reading

New FP Blog

There is good news and there is good news (nothing bad around here today!). It looks as though Friendly Plastic is on the rise.  Not only are more and more people from around… Continue reading

Dog Days

THis post has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with Friendly Plastic.  I just HAD to share with you some images of my dog Poppy after her walk. The snow fell heavily this morning… Continue reading

AMACO Friendly Plastic Challenge

Just a quickie today!  Take a peek at the Amaco Friendly Plastic Challenge page to see some of the entries in the various categories of the FP challenge organised by the manufacturers of Friendly… Continue reading

Making The Most of Things

After a few demonstrations or classes I always end up with plenty of sample pieces to use.  sometimes they get turned in to jewellery or bigger projects, but today I thought I would… Continue reading

Buzzing List

The Friendly Plastic List on Yahoo is positively buzzing with good advice and discoveries at the moment.  We have been chatting about the best glues to use (silicone type glues seem to be… Continue reading