Woohooo! Silver and Mother of Pearl Friendly Plastic are Back in the UK

I couldn’t quite believe my eyes when I opened the parcel today; it contained LOTS of Mother of Pearl White Friendly Plastic and almost as much Silver.  It has been sooooooo long since… Continue reading

Photos From the JMTV show – Friendly Plastic and Jewel Enamels

  Thank you One and All Thank you for all the kind comments I received about the Jewellery Maker show on Wednesday.  As promised here are my photos of the items I made… Continue reading

Jewellery Maker TV – Friendly Plastic and Jewel Enamels Show

I am looking forward to tomorrow, but I am also not looking forward to tomorrow.  The good thing is that I am doing another Friendly Plastic and Jewel Enamel show in the morning,… Continue reading

Lisa Pavelka Texture Stamp Sets – Special Purchase

I have always loved Lisa Pavelka’s range of Texture mats.  Not only do they come in fabulous designs, but they are also made of easily cleaned grey rubber and are very deeply incised.  This… Continue reading

Friendly Plastic In Print – again

  I should have mentioned this a while ago, but life got in the way, sorry.  Making Jewellery magazine have featured another of my Friendly Plastic projects in the November issue.  The magazine… Continue reading

Friendly Plastic in Denmark

From the moment I landed and met Barbara Lees, my host for the next 4 days, we did not stop talking and laughing. This is Barbara and two of her “friends”.  she makes… Continue reading

Medieval Friendly Plastic?

Are you an active Pinterester?  I love gathering inspiration and visual delights using Pinterest, it never fails to excite and stimulate the creative processes. Being able to share and follow other like minded… Continue reading

Upcycling Broken China with Friendly Plastic

September is a time when I take stock,  I don’t mean do a stock take, which happens at the end of November when the Rare Bird financial year ends, and I loathe every… Continue reading

Friendly Plastic in Denmark

  Aren’t I the lucky one.  I am off to teach Friendly Plastic in Denmark in September.  At the invitation of Scandinavia’s preeminent Friendly Plastic artist and tutor Barbara Lees, I shall have… Continue reading

Combined Friendly Plastic and Jewel Enamels show

I will be up bright and early tomorrow to get to the Jewellery Maker studios in time for the morning show.  I have been asked to do a bit of Jewel Enamels and… Continue reading