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Virtuous and Very Excited!

Ooops, that title sounds a bit like a chapter in a racy book!  If that is what you are after, then don’t bother reading any further as I am definitely NOT writing, reading or… Continue reading

Little Book Of Secrets – Requirements

For those of you who are coming to the Little Book Of Secrets  Friendly Plastic class on Saturday at the Husqvarna Studio in Nottingham, you will need to make sure you have a… Continue reading


I had reached crisis point and could no longer see any spare flat surface in my studio, everything was buried under 6ft of stuff.  Not just any stuff, but precious creative stuff that I… Continue reading


I am ploughing on in the vain hope that I will eventually bring order to chaos and tidy my studio enough to be able to begin creative working again.  As you can see,… Continue reading