About RareLizzie



My name is Liz Welch and I am a textile artist working in Nottingham UK.  My passions include my family, my textile work and Friendly Plastic.  Friendly Plastic is a wonderful modelling material that can be used to make a huge variety of things from jewellery and accessories, to household items (boxes, bowls, vases etc), through masks, bags and other related textile applications, all the way to full blown costumes.  I love them all.

A common thread throughout my work is my use of the computer as a design tool, whether it is for textiles, jewellery, cards, photos, costume, or just for the fun of it; I love touse the computer to help me go where I want to go.  If you want to know more about this aspect of the creative process just check out the page on the blog called Computers for Design

I run my own business called Rare Bird Ltd which is based around Friendly Plastic and how to use it, as well as creating craft DVDs on this and other subjects.  check it out at www.rarebird.ltd.uk.  You will find lots of ideas, projects, gallery images and all the stuff you need to create things with Friendly Plastic.



 Liz At Work