Spanish Odyssey Part 2

After an interesting flight sat in the midst of a group of lads off for a stag weekend (just as well I had earplugs and a good book), I arrived in Alicante to be met by Sue Clifford who owns and runs Art y Facts – a delightful craft shop in Javea about 1 hour north of Alicante.. Sue had invited me to come and teach four classes over the weekend and she very kindly put me up in her lovely home and shared the affection of her two gorgeous dogs with me. This is the view from my bedroom balcony.  

I ran four classes over 2 days and we covered Oooze, Beads, Patchwork and Buttons. Although the classes were supposed to be 2 hours long, we let them run on a bit as everyone was having so much fun, and the atmosphere was relaxed and happy. Students ranged from children to grandmothers, papercrafters, textile-types and a seriously talented goldsmith! You can see some of their work below.


The fabulous variety of colours and textures were achieved by using some of my Foiling Fantasy Foils and Metal Flake.  The technique is my Patchwork Pieces which I have demonstrated on Create and Craft and it is also on my DVDs. 



Sue and her totally chilled out husband Colin made me feel most welcome in their home and entertained me royally, Colin even took pity on my aching back and gave up to me his uber comfortable and totally addictive massage chair for an evening.

Javea is a rather nice little seaside town with a most interesting church, it is a contemporary building dedicated to those who make their living from the sea. My photos don’t really do it justice as it was getting dark by the time we got there, and they were preparing for a service so I could not really take photos of the inside. I wish I had though, because it was so unlike any other church I have ever been in before – it felt like I was sitting on the bed of the sea looking up through the water at the underside of the hull of a ship cutting through the waves overhead. It was immensely peaceful and very evocative.


My flight home was not until Monday night so Sue and I had a chance to play with some of the papercrafty things I know hardly anything about, and under her tutelage I made a little memento of my trip to Javea using Grunge board, Distress inks and a die cutting machine, It was a very pleasant way to spend a morning.  At some point I shall finish it off and hang it up in my studio to remind me of my Spanish Interlude.

Guess who I was sharing the flight with on the way home? Fortunately the stag party lads were a tad subdued (I can’t imagine why!) and I was not unlucky enough to have to sit amongst them this time. By the time I got home around midnight, the dog was really pleased to see me – and I her, particularly as I had not co-ordinated things very well with my husband and he had already left for 3 days on a course. It reminded me of our early days of marriage when we used to leave notes for each other on the fridge because our jobs managed to keep us apart more often than we were together.

Oh well, no time to chat any more, I need to get everything sorted for another class for Solihull Embroiderers Guild tomorrow, and then I am teaching at the Husqvarna Studio in Nottingham next Wednesday 17th we will be making jewellery with Friendly Plastic and learning how to make fabric beads at the same time. Contact Husqvarna if you would like a place on the day class. Hard on the heels of that is another Create and Craft date on the 20th November at 9am. I had better get my samples finished in time.