Masking the Consequences of Friendly Plastic

Yesterday we took down our Consequences Exhibition, it had been running at Millgate Museum for 6 weeks and has proved to be very popular and well received. It took hours to put up, but came down in minutes! Everyone had worked really hard to make it happen and to keep it running smoothly and I think the DOT group should be proud of their achievements. If you want to read more about the exhibition then visit the DOT blog, and you will see some more images of work and discover the thinking behind the computer based design. Photoshop Elements (and the full version) is the software that was most commonly used to create the designs.

 I won’t expand on it too much here as we have already posted about it in early October but I have also put put lots of information on the DOT blog, but I will show you my masks in a moment and also tell you that we have CDs of the exhibition with 130 images including the back up material detailing how we created the designs. If you want one then email me at, the CD costs £5 plus P&P.


The masks I made for the show are below. I have shown you one of them before, but here they are just in case you missed them first time around.


Derived from one of our games of Consequences (see the DOT blog), this mask called Florinda (named for my neighbour) is created using Friendly Plastic Pellets, alcohol inks, wire and fabric. I have blogged about how to make this mask back in August so if you want to see how I set about making Florinda then check out my post of August 2nd 2010


Inspired by fireworks over Hong Kong harbour at Chinese New Year this mask has a fair amount of stitching on it and involves my Lacework technique. All the little explosions around the sides are made from coloured Friendly Plastic Pellets on wire.


This final mask was in response to the architecture of a traditional Chinese gateway and the fabulously coloured lanterns and the scales of the dragons at Chinese New Year. It is made up of individual scales of coloured and textured pellets, plus some appropriately gaudy gemstones from a local charity shop embedded in to the plastic.

 To change tack a little, I have just put up on the Classes page of the blog (see tabs at the top) the open classes that I have arranged so far for the Spring of 2011. All are at the Husqvarna Studio in Nottingham, and if you are interested then you will need to contact them directly.

 Finally to remind anyone who wants to know that I will be on Create and Craft TV again on Monday 6th December (weather permitting – I sincerely hope the cold snowy weather does not last that long) at 9am with a new kit and I believe Steph will be hosting the show which is great.