After The Show Was Over…

If you managed to get to the NEC last week / over the weekend for the Hobbycraft, Sewing for Pleasure and Fashion Embroidery and Stitch shows, you should have had a great time with all the fabulous work on display, and all the opportunity in the world for some serious retail therapy.  If you did go, then I am envious of you because I could not be there.  I managed setting up day (well part of it), but then I had to go home and stay there recovering for the next four days.  The aforementioned (previous posts) magic little pills have yet to make any noticeable difference, but I am told they will do if I am patient enough.  Not good at being patient.  But thank you to everyone for sending me words of encouragement and support.

Anyway, I did manage to take some photos of both the Nolitex and DOT stands as we set them up.


Hanging my 6.5m necklace “On The Strand” was not easy at all, but we managed it in the end.

I wonder how many people would have been able to identify which bits were made using Friendly Plastic.

Joan and Mary sorting out all the labels to put on the pieces.  You can see work by Jean Copsey, Sally Malloy, Christine Westlake and Janet Wain.

Janet’s lovely bits of driftwood lead the eye in to my “In Suspense” in the corner.  This is made using Moulding Mesh, and the only bits of Friendly Plastic were the tiny pegs holding up each strand.  We had a whopping great pillar in the middle of the stand which although offering us more wall space, did make hanging the work well a bit of a challenge.

One of the outside walls with work by Joan Richardson and Mary Whittaker

Another outside wall with work by Sally Malloy, Christine Westlake and Joan Richardson

Mary rummaging for something, possibly the delicious home made lemon curd cake she produced for us all at coffee time.  In the foreground you can see Judith Burnet’s colourful seafront sweetie stall inspired work.

I wish I could have been there to see the finished stand and to meet all the people who came to look.  I love chatting to everyone and talking about the work. 

This is the DOT stand (Designs On Textiles) just as we had finished putting it up.  The work was selected from our recent Consequences Exhibition.  Erica Thomson and Jenny King are on the left and our two consenting Mr DOTs Barry and Jim (helpful husbands wielding spirit levels, steps and hammers).

DOTs aim was to open people’s eyes to what you can do using a computer as a design tool in textile work, whether it is simply printing an image on fabric or doing more complex things.  Every piece of work on the stand was derived from something we did on the computer.   All the wonderful members of DOT who manned the stand felt that we achieved our aim.

You can just about see my Friendly Plastic  masks, and work by Jenny King, Ros Willis, Erica Thomson, and Pat Roberts.

DOT’s group piece drew a lot of interest.  It was based on a game of consequences (see earlier posts) using an image of an old mangle in the Millgate Museum at Newark.  The hanging illustrated some of the very many different materials that can be printed on to at home.  the other work in the picture is by Pat Roberts and Hilary Holden.

Mr DOT x2 in repose, worn out by all that levelling, measuring and hammering.  On the wall is work from Lesley Fowell, Erica Thomson, Jenny King and me  (my masks).  In the foreground are the two big books that tell the story behind the work with lots of step by steps of the computer transformations that took place to achieve the finished pieces.

Work for each of the original exhibitions by DOT and Nolitex  “Consequences” and “TideLine” can be seen on two CD catalogues (£5 each) available from me (just email me at  The Nolitex CD contains almost 140 images including artists statements, overall images and close ups of every piece in the original exhibition at the Sam Scorer Gallery in Lincoln July 2010.  The DOT CD contains more than 130 images including overall and close ups of every piece of work in the original exhibition plus work sheets describing the computer stages in developing each piece.

By the way, I think we are still on for an Ideal World or Create and Craft show on Friendly Plastic next Tuesday 5th April, and as soon as I have confirmation (assuming I get any!)  I will let you know.