Bubble Mesh Ribbon

Firstly I have two bits of news you might be interested in.  Billie’s Craft Room are featuring me as their artist of the month  (I am feeling very honoured  about this), so go check out her wonderful blog.  Secondly I think I have another Create and Craft date of 27th May, no more details than that at the moment, but thank you to everyone who emailed in to the show, a little something is in the post to you.  In fact you might recognise some of the samples I am showing below!

On to Bubble Mesh Ribbon – well there might be a better name for this fabulous ribbon but when I ordered it, it only had a code number, so I am calling it as I see it.  And bubbles seems to fit it perfectly.  This is the effect it gives when Citron Friendly Plastic is Ooozed through it (used a 3.5cm circular cutter)

When I first saw the effect this ribbon gave whilst teaching last year at Chepstow Castle, I thought it resembled stone work or crazy paving which was completely appropriate given that we were taking inspiration from the castle itself.  So I have to say a HUGE thank you to whoever it was who showed me a piece of the ribbon, I am only sorry I can’t remember who it was.  But thank you, thank you; it was inspired.

Not long after that I was sent some similar ribbon but with smaller holes by another inspired and kind person, but the beautiful card it came in got mislaid.  Okay, I know I need more organisation in my life, and I apologise for my memory failings and lack of a filing system, but heck if I had wanted to be a filing clerk then I would have gone and got a proper job!

The effect of what I am calling Mesh Ribbon is also fabulous, and provides a lovely contrast to the larger bubbles above.  This 3.5cm circle was created by Ooozing Stripe friendly Plastic through the lime green ribbon.

Eventually after much searching I tracked down a supplier for these American made ribbons and I now have some packs in stock that are perfect for adding to your stash of things to Oooze through.

This pack contains 5 pieces of Bubble Mesh ribbon each 30cm long.  Each ribbon is 5cm wide

This image shows the colours from which the Mesh Ribbon packs have been selected.  You will get 5 pieces each 30cm long, each ribbon is 4 cm wide,  but the colours will vary from pack to pack.  If you do order more than one, then we can make sure you don’t get too many repeat colours.

Bubble Mesh Ribbon using Floral Garden Blue Friendly Plastic, Citron, White and Orange Copper.

Mesh ribbon using Orange Copper Friendly Plastic, Stripe, Confetti, Floral Garden blue, Citron and Indian Red.

Because I was so keen to tell you about this wonderful ribbon I have not had time to make up finished pieces using it, but I can see it as jewellery with the circles put back to back.  I can also see it as embellishments for cards, and what about pushing the shapes into warm Friendly Plastic to make a decorated book cover.