FP DVD Review


I have just come back from a week away in sunny Dorset (business and pleasure), and amongst all the gazillion things in my inbox was a message from Billie (of Billiescraftroom).  Billie has posted on her blog a positively glowing review of my Friendly Plastic DVD Bend It Shape It, and I am overwhelmed with what she said.

Thank you Billie.

If you follow the link above to Billie’s blog you will find that she has all sorts of wonderful articles and product reviews as well as useful things on lots of crafts.  Billie has also been running a series of Artist of the Month features in which she interviews different artists and posts the responses so you can read their own words – their view on life and all things creative.  Billie very kindly interviewed me a few weeks back and she has featured me as the artist of the month for May, so click on the above link and check it out, you might discover stuff you never knew about me, but then again, you might not want to ever know anyway!

If you scroll through Billie’s Blog you will find interviews with all sorts of artists; I really enjoyed finding out about people who were only names to me.

Create and Craft Kits 

I also want to take the opportunity of apologising to anyone who ordered kits from Create and Craft following the last show who found that they are missing instructions for the kits.  As you may or may not know, I freelance for the company that puts the kits together – I design the projects and write the instructions, prepare show samples and present on TV, but all the other stuff is done by the company  I freelance for.  They are addressing the problem of missing instructions, but I suggest that you let me know if you have had an issue with this and I will forward your emails to the person who sorting it all out. Email me on lizwelch@rarebird.ltd.uk

Next Friendly Plastic Create and Craft Date is May 27th at 10am

I will be showing a really simple way to make masks with Friendly Plastic