Schedule Shift Again

I had an email today to say that Create and Craft have had to do some rescheduling and have moved my Friendly Plastic show to 1st September at 5pm.  Sorry folks, it seems that it can’t be helped.  So I won’t be on the box this Thursday, but please set your recorders because I will be the next Thursday.

In the mean time you might like to know that I have put some new products on the website.  Rare Bird now has some more pendant blanks or trays ready to fill with FP or whatever you choose.  They come in different shapes and finishes as you can see  from the selection below:


They are sturdily made with a deep enough bezel to fit a layer of Friendly Plastic and a good depth of Envirotex Lite or MagicGlos over the top as you can see from the image below.

We have rectangles, squares, and hearts in this range, but I will be adding some other shapes and styles soon.  These shapes are not plated in expensive silver and therefore do not cost as much as the beautiful and elegant Amate range, but none the less, they are very good value (£1.60 – £2.00).

We have 3 new jewellery kits to offer as well.

Tea Time Earrings – the kit contains all the findings to make the earrings, plus instructions and Friendly Plastic to make the beads, although you could use bought beads if you so chose (you wouldn’t do that would you?!)

Spiral Drop Pendant comes with all the findings including the chain, clasp and spiral bead cage, all you need to do is make the bead and follow the instructions to complete the pendant.


Love-In-The-Past pendant in vintage copper finish is just begging for you to fill the bezel with Friendly Plastic and Envirotex Lite or MagicGlos   (as per the second picture) and then you can make up the pendant and be wearing it in no time at all.

And that is not all, we now have a range of fabulous toggle clasp closures to make your Friendly Plastic jewellery making a doddle to complete.  They are easy to use in wear, and they are highly decorative.  All you need are some jump rings or wire to attach the toggles to your necklace and you are done. Prices begin at just 75p.



Hopefully I will have more for you over the next few weeks, including mask formers (paper mache) and more jewellery kits and supplies.

Finally for tonight, I apologise to everyone who is after silver FP, neither Rare Bird or the distributors currently have any stock of silver at the moment, but some is due in soon.  I will let you know when we have it back in stock.

Just remembered something so here is a final “finally” apparently there are more Home-tek crock pots on ebay if you search for them. I cannot verify this as yet, and I won’t be doing so tonight as I am off to bed!