Farewell To Jewel Enamels on Jewellery Maker Live Shows.

Water Wiggle penants with Jewel Enamels, and fabulous funky beads with Fusible Film and Angelina / Crystalina Fibres.

Friendly Plastic Floral Cuff with “rivets” Created for Jewellery Maker TV

From my latest Jewellery Maker TV show, this floral cuff made with Friendly Plastic and leather, plus an asymmetrical pendant created with Fusible Film and Friendly Plastic

Coloured Cloud Clay in Assortment Packs

Woohoo!  I now have some great little assortment packs of coloured Cloud Clay in stock.  I don’t expect them to last long, so I am already ordering some more. There are three different… Continue reading

A Mask for Oonagh and Some Fab Wirework Jewellery for Me

Way back at the beginning of the year, I had a Facebook conversation with a very talented wirework jewellery maker.  I had admired her work for quite a while, and it has to… Continue reading

More Adventures in Cloud Clay and Friendly Plastic

Sequin waste or Laser Mesh or Punchinella as it is known in the States is one of those tempting materials that attract because it comes in such lovely finishes, but it is also… Continue reading

Polymer Clay And Friendly Plastic, Cloud Clay and Jewel Enamels – who could ask for anything more!

I won’t be making a habit of it, but I enjoyed every minute of creating jewellery with polymer clay for the last Designer Inspiration show in Jewellery Maker TV.  I love, love, love… Continue reading

Friendly Plastic and Cloud Clay With Children in Mind

Here are some images of the jewellery I made for the last Jewellery Maker Show on May 28th 2014, much of which was made with children in mind.  Things you could do with… Continue reading

Tribal Textures in Cloud Clay and Friendly Plastic

I have another Jewellery Maker show coming up on Wednesday afternoon 30th April, so please join me for some fun ideas that you can get the children involved with too. 1pm to 5pm.… Continue reading

Medieval Jewellery In Modern Materials (Friendly Plastic) – The Results

        Rufford Craft Centre in Rufford Park is the ideal setting for this class; the ancient ruins of the abbey were the backdrop to the Medieval themed Friendly Plastic class.… Continue reading

Friendly Plastic Demo and Class in Stroud

  For those of you within striking distance of Stroud, come and join me for a Friendly Plastic demo session from 10am – 11am and sit and have a cup of coffee in the… Continue reading